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The 24 Hour Show is back.

Are you up for the challenge of creating a full

West End size Musical in just twenty-four hours?

Do you want to see how far they can get?

Produced by The Bradford Playhouse

Friday 19th October 2018 @7pm


Perfomers/Tec. £10

Performance  £8

We charge a minimal to help cover

the cost of Insurance and breakfast.

(It's a suprise...shh...)


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Starting at 7.30pm on the Friday the show is announced and the timer begins. At 7.30pm on the Saturday we perform the full show to our audience. Between those times it's a whirlwind as everyone scrambles, learns, creates, rigs, stitches and hammers as we bring the piece alive. It's an extraordinary amount of hard work but it's also fun and exciting as it all comes together from out of the seeming chaos.


It's a great opportunity for those who are new to theatre to get a taste. It is also a great challenge to those with a lot of experience. Sure you can do it with three weeks and a large budget but what can you do with what can be found around you in only a few hours?


Produced by The Bradford Playhouse